1. Second and last page of my new ‘It’s a Marshmallow World’ strip - further misadventures of Marshy.


  2. I’m drawing another comic about Marshmallows - here’s page one of two!


  3. An idea for a little comic that’s been floating round my sketchbook for a while - a day in the life of a depressive devil called Bubz. ¬†Might extend this into something more substantial.


  4. Three new potential characters for OM - Erk, Arwk & Ook - ‘The Chorus’


  5. Very excited to be featured in this year’s Secret 7” exhibition alongside the likes of the Chapman brothers, Paul Smith & Antony Gormley!

    I can’t reveal my artwork just yet, but you might be able to guess which is mine by having a browse through the gallery.


  6. Pea gets a rude awakening - more to come!


  7. I’m expanding an old comic - here’s a taster of what’s to come. ¬†Should have this up in colour next week!


  8. 'The Touch' - printed up and bound!


  9. Wake up (blink and you’ll miss it) - recoloured!


  10. A new Mandala - back from holiday and back to Om!