1. My latest OM adventure - ‘Hoss’.  Sending this to print next week!

    Read more here and say hi on twitter.


  2. Cover design for ‘Hoss’ - colours coming soon


  3. Almost done with Hoss - new comic coming soon!


  4. Hungry Pea


  5. Frightened Pea 


  6. More from Om & Hoss.  Latest comic work in progress - a lot of fun to draw.


  7. Om makes a new friend - ‘Hoss’

    I’ll be selling my comics at the British Library tomorrow as part of Comica Comiket - come say hello if you’re in London!


  8. Opening page of a new comic ‘The Dream’

    This is also my 100th post on Tumblr - thanks to everyone who’s liked, reblogged and checked out my work.  More to come soon!


  9. My latest comic, ‘The Chorus, fresh from the printers.

    I’ll be selling copies at Comica Comiket 2014 on 16th August at the British Library.

    Also available over at my online store.


  10. 'The Dream'